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AUGUST 6, 2017

IMSA @ Road America 2017 is in the books.  To me, "The Year of the Flood."

Pictures were coming out of RA on Thursday when some parts of that area received 4.5” inches of rain in a 5 hr period. The main tunnel to the infield reached approximately 5’ of water that needed to be pumped out.  One unnamed source from RA mentioned that in the Apex of Turn 1 they pumped out 40,000 gallons of water, it was a 48 hr period he doesn’t want to repeat anytime soon.  

I experienced 4 disappointments over the weekend and of course my wife says, “don’t complain, you’re at the race track”.

1. I congratulated Jordan Taylor on his podium finish when he was jumping on the golf cart to be taken away to the Media Center.  I also mentioned to him I was disappointed he was not in a canoe in the tunnel on Thursday for a quick video. He replied, “I didn’t have a canoe available”. LOL….  I was looking for Jordan coming out of the dark in a black trench coat with “Don’t Pay the Ferry Man” by Chris de Burgh in the back ground.  Jordan, if you need help with any shenanigans at RA, I’m here to help.

2. I scheduled an interview with the one and only Justin Bell.  Unfortunately, he has this Fox thing that keeps him busy.  When I did see Justin, he was in his gear and on his way to pit lane. Busy man!!

3. I try to stay neutral on who I would like to see win.  I really, really, really just want to see great racing.  But since it was RA and the team that is 10 minutes away from my house I was pushing for the JDC Miller High Tide Banana Boat… or #JDCbananaboat. I caught a great interview with Mischa before the race and a solid conversation with John Church, the Principal of JDC Miller Motorsports.  He has had his last few weeks pretty full.  It was nice to see Stevenson throw down a flyer on Friday in the last practice.  I thought they had the pace, but no banana!!  They took a big gamble towards the end of the race when all the other teams made the last pit stop.  They ran the lead for a while until out of Banana Juice and needed to pit.  I’m sure they were looking for a different opportunity to pit under another yellow.  Sometimes you need to take a big chance for a huge payoff!  Next time.

Not a disappointment….I was happy for the new friends I made from Tequila Patron team.  They pulled off the win and a podium with the two cars.  I was actually lucky enough to see the team at the Brown Bear for dinner Saturday night, they were having a great time to say the least!

 I was able to sit down with Paul, one of the crew on the Tequila Patron team and he mentioned, “What you see is what you get, we don’t have any extra cars in the trailer.”

They also have a few cars back in the shop for sale.  For a price, everything is for sale.

 See my YouTube channel for this and other interviews from this weekend and past races.  

4. The biggest disappointment was the ending of the Continental Tire Challenge race.  James Clay and his Bimmerworld/Optima Battery BMW was leading and he pitted on a yellow for driver change and refresh the car.  Unfortunately, they red flagged the race because of lightning and never restarted because of time restraints to get things rolling and finished.  Cars sat and finished the race on pit row….Disappointing!!

Congrats to Turner Motorsport for the WIN!!  They ran a flawless race.

 It still was a great weekend, I was at Road America!!!

                          IMSA @ IOWA | 8.6.17 BLOG ENTRY

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