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June 10, 2017

Hot and dirty was the forecast for the TORC races at ERX in Elk River, MN.

Unfortunately, it was only part of a great weekend of racing, mother nature had different ideas. Sundays race was canceled because of 70 mph winds and storms. ERX is only about 45 minutes north of my house through the Twin Cities. Jump in the truck with a cup of Joe early Saturday morning and a little ZZ Top to start the drive and away I go….

This was only the 2nd race at ERX I have attended because the track is only 3 years old. As a spectator I think the track is set up pretty good. From 1 vantage point you can see 2/3rds of the action and the rest on a big Jumbo Tron held up by a Cat Fork Lift or what I would call a Lull…but that’s a different manufacture. As I roll into the parking lot at 8am, few people are starting to walk into the pit area and campers are still coming in for the camp ground area. I also stopped by late Friday afternoon but the crowd was thin and the drivers were nice to each other on the track. Nothing too exciting except for Galen Gee blew his motor in his Pro 2 truck…..back to Saturday. Unfortunately, Galen was finishing the motor on Saturday morning to get it ready for the race. The day was nonstop action from the Short Course Carts all the way up to the 900 hp of the Pro 4 trucks. To see the kids give it their all driving the “to size” trucks is just spectacular. Got to start them young they say. The broad hardware used is awesome!!

The different noise tones out of each class of motor….

The dirt flying off the tires…

The dust blowing in the air…

The body panels getting ripped off….


The pit areas are wide open for the fans to get up and close to the trucks, crew and drivers.  All the personnel are for the most part approachable for a conversation if time permits. Just like any other Pro Racing, they won’t give you the complete 411 but enough to understand and chat about it later over a adult beverage. Oh and Galen with his Friday blown motor, 2 laps in the Pro 2 race and she was blown again. Lots of work for nothing, too bad. All the class races were playing for keeps, few buggies decided to hit the huge barrier tires off the back straight whoops and also roll down into the track holding pond. Lucky the pond was dry for the day.

The Sportsman, Pro Light and Pro 2 always a battle with Kyle Kleiman taking the win. Pro 4 was another father and son battle to the end, Jonnie and CJ Greaves put on a great show for 1st and 2nd but Keegan Kincaid was only seconds behind in 3rd. The young gun CJ knows how to throw that truck around…but he has learned from the best!!

Would have liked to write more but I was too busy watching the action instead of taking notes.

SEE YOU AT THE TRACK….Next up INDY Car at Road America..​

Disclaimer: No notes or recordings are used on location for interviews.

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