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WRL @ Road America | 5.22.17 BLOG ENTRY

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WRL @ Road America

May 22, 2017

Tough weekend at Road America with World Racing League…

Things were looking up after day 1 of World Racing League at Road America.

I was reporting and racing with Tubby Buttermnan Racing in the modified 88 BMW 325. The TBR team spirit was high as were mine for being back at the track.  The car was running good but that did not last long.  And I will get to that….

Day 1

Test and tune. It was a full crowd at the drivers meeting with the addition of another track day group. Unfortunately, one of those guys put their  E46 off and tore the passenger side of the car to a new paint scheme right away.

 Too bad, Will Tuner would have been proud to see that car on the track.  Yes, it was a Turner Motorsports decals that were sliced and diced.  They had some great cars from nice looking Radical to a 1st Generation Mazda Rx-7 to the BMW M3 E46 that had issues with the body on lap 2.

 I was able to catch a few pictures and my paddock walk with interviews towards the end of the day.  My day was light on coverage because I wanted to stay close our own pits.  We were coming off a build from this winter from scraping and cutting for weight to better brakes among other things. It’s the car that TBR calls T-2, LOVE/HATE….Love it when it is on the podium and hate it when it gets the DNF!!!!  Last test of the morning and the car dies on Tubby, towed in and 1.5 hrs later ready for the afternoon session.  The 30 year old wiring harness is having issues and time to be gone!!

Day 2

Race Day. It started rough.  I was at the track with our crew chief at 7 am, the keys to the trailer showed at 7:30 am.  I’m not one to wait around.  I did my usual walk on pit row when the cars were lining up for the race and looking things over for the best first shot of the cars.  I used my stand by hole in the fence at pit out.  You get the cars coming off pit row and full throttle just like the Indy cars and IMSA, it’s a great start into the day. 

Race day before my stint I try to get in the zone and not pay too much attention on the other cars or teams.  My stint went ok..1. Rusty 2. Lots of room to improve. 3. Keep focused and you will do better.  3rd driver in and we are still climbing the leader board and now Tubbys turn at the wheel with 2 hrs left and the ship starts to sink.  Car was getting loose and low power was back!!  Our day of chasing the podium was done.  Car behind the wall and in the garage again.  Fuel pump gone bad and our search for parts was on, great help from other teams as usual!!!!!

Not a successful day on or off the track, that is racing…it happens.  When the car and team needs you, time to put the camera down and do your thing.  It’s a tough thing to try to help the team on the car and follow what’s going on with all the other teams in the pits.  This is a time in life I wish I had 2 of me to complete the task at hand.

Day 3

Race #2 at Road America.  Did I mention I LOVE driving through the tunnel to get to the paddock at Road America, it’s my favorite tunnel because I know what comes next….FUN!!!!!

But the car did not get any better, 1st driver in car ran great, chipping away at the leader board and then Tubby at the wheel for 2nd driver and ½ way through his stint the car started having low power issues again.  Behind the wall we go and we actually suited up the 3rd driver to figure things out on the track and get him some seat time.  The drive through window of trying this and that started on the car. 

Unfortunately, with 3 hrs left in the race we threw in the BEER CAN!!  DONE. It was getting unsafe not driving at race speed trying to figure the car out.  It was a good weekend at Road America with World Racing League, just not a great podium weekend like others in the past.  I was still able to meet some new people and teams!!  I have always said you go for the race but you stay for the people!!



The dinners in downtown Elkhart Lake.... FABULOUS!!!

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