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Feb. 11, 2017

Had a great tour of JDC Motorsports for the first----Fast Friday Happy Hour.

I was met by the CEO John Church and we sat down just to have an introduction of ourselves. We went over a few details of what I was looking for on my visit for my followers and how I usually go about my interviews and videos. With the experienced I have gained over the last year alone it has been incredible for the do’s and don’t’ s in motorsport reporting. John set a few parameters and guide lines on what I could shoot both video and photo which was fine for me!

As I stroll through the aisles of cars, as a driver I was just drooling!! What I would not give to get behind one of those machines and just have a blast. Funny thing is like all of us, we have seen those cars up close and personal many times. Even more on TV but because we are car junkies we just can’t get enough. I still get gitty just driving up to the entrance at Road America to watch a race, not even drive in the race. As John’s and I conversation unfolded we discussed the “nuts and bolt” of the team and what it takes to make what I call a “circus on wheels” to run like a smooth High-Tides Boat Lifts IMSA Oreca Race Car.

W60.. How many transporters for the team are you running this year?

JC.. At this time, we have 4 and this year we adjusted things to make the traveling more economical in sections of the country instead of crossing all over the place back and forth.

W60.. How many full time employees do you have here at the shop?

JC.. Roughly 8-9 personnel give or take and then we fly in support for the race weekend at the track.

W60.. Looks like you have your own machine shop under this roof, are you making your own parts?

JC.. We could if we needed at a last minute effort but all our parts come direct from the manufacture Of the race cars.

W60.. Spare everything on the Race Transporters?

JC.. For the most part but other teams that have the same manufacture of car really go the extra mile to help you get back on the track so you can still compete.

W60.. Its like a Manufacture Brotherhood?

JC.. Yes, we look out for each other even when it comes to bouncing off vital car adjustment to Increase lap times for the drivers.

W60.. John you have a sellers row I see, you have a few to move?

JC.. Yes, 1 Mazda is ready to go out the door on Saturday and 2 other scheduled to be picked up In the next 10 days from buyers. We will still have a few left after that.

W60.. Looking ahead on the season?

JC.. We have a very strong car to push to get on the podium but our work is cut out for us as you could tell the Cadillac’s were tough to beat at the 24 Hrs of Daytona. We have a great Oreca Race car we just need to tweak things here and there to get to the front of the pack.

It was a great Happy Hour with John Church and I can’t thank him enough in letting me into see his “war room” at JDC Motorsports!!

Disclaimer: No notes or recordings are used on location for interviews.


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