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January 17, 2018

Dude, your late on the ball!!

Yes, I’m late…..I usually have my blog done for the track event  in the month of the event but things have been busy with other parts of life. And I lost my notes. Lets get started.

This club was started because a few boys and girls did not like the “fat rule book” that was coming along from the other clubs.  Minimum rules with maximum track time, wheel to wheel racing!


That weekend I rented a ride from “ In The Red Racing” out of Duluth, Mn.  Andy ,the team principal, has a ’99 BMW M3 with 249 rwhp This is the highest horsepower car I have raced, not the highest I have driven on a track but actually raced.

It was a cold as hell January morning in Minneapolis, but the Florida sun was on the horizon with petro burned in the air to come.  Wheels up from Minneapolis and wheels down in Tampa, cheapest route. No Uber to the track, it was a Nissan Spec that was picked to be “flogged” for my weekend of street driving.  And don’t bust my chops on the name of the car, can’t remember and don’t care but I got my money’s worth out of gas and tires. The car had a little get up and go and the funny thing is it loved the “redline”, who knew.  Took my time getting to the track and toured the manufacturing plants for oranges. Orange groves in Florida are like Corn Fields in Iowa, seen one and you have seen them all.

Little backdrop to the event for me, new race car to me…new race track to me…practice at night..doh.  Yes the try-fecta of trying. A Hat Trick of sorts of, “you better be ready and drive smooth!!”

The car was updated with a new MCS double adjustable suspension with external reservoirs.  Adjustments were made all the way up to and through the 6 hr race. #respectthebumps

I was fortunate enough to have 3 laps in the car at sundown then night practice.  Glad I spent 4.5hr in front of You Tube watching RLL Racing M6 in the dark to know where to put the car on the track…or where it should be….but the bumps…whoa!!  I thought I might get a concussion from hitting my head on the roll cage going through T17. I was slow at night practice but able to pass a few cars and keep dropping my times through the weekend. We finished 9th overall 5th in class with 70 cars on the starting grid for the 6hr race.  All car manufactures I think were represented, even the Radicals that won the race.  Best memory was the Aston Martin flying by me on the front straight just before T1 and I became a spectator for a moment and then oh shit T1…brake hard back on the gas and almost drop a wheel in the Florida dirt….whooo!! Can I get a Whoop Whoop, that was flipping awesome!!   All kinds of other series were represented from IMSA, Trans-Am, WRL, BMWCCA, Porsche Club, NASA and Chumpcar/Champcar. Yes, many of them did not finish or want to finish the 6 hour race, more of a test and tune for them.The final day with a 1.5 hr enduro was a blast, my best lap time of the weekend was the last lap of my stint in the car. We ended up 3rd in class 5th overall, very proud of Andy, Chris our Crew Chief and myself!!   Major note: because it was not my race car and I did not want another bill at the end of the weekend I would say I ran 9/10 on T17 and T1 because of the possible big oops factor can be expensive…also I stayed away from the redline on the exits, very far from the redline.

Lunches and dinners were great!!  Lucky enough to have Andy’s family on sight enjoying the weekend. I was able to get my Southern Grub on with a huge Po Boy and Grits at Southern Hospitality Homestyle Restaurant, at the airport a bowl of Native Chili with Alligator, Wild Boar and Ground Duck… finally a Red Snapper from Cowpoke’s Watering Hole.  OMG the food was so good!! For ease of the event we stayed at the Chateau Elan Hotel. We also had many drinks at the bar people watching and giving the peace sign to pro racers like Kuno Wittmer. Food, friends and racing, the weekend was a blast and I will be back with PBOC Motorsports at Sebring!! Until next time, go at life full throttle so you are ready to get on the race track when the time comes!!